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Happy Holidays!

Last weekend we celebrated our sixth, yes SIXTH, annual Holiday House event!

We had an amazing time and would like to thank each and everyone of you that showed up to support our small family business on this special occasion.

So much love was poured in to making this festive event and we wanted to share the process with you...


Where to begin:  preparations actually started soon after Halloween as the crew made small adjustments to our house and began buying up holiday merchandise in the form of ornaments, household decorations, and memorable gifts.

We forego Thanksgiving decor except for a small credenza in our entrance hall and a few touches in the breakfast room and kitchen. 

Adam began bringing up holiday decor from the basement as we disassembled Halloween and stockpiled it in the family room to slowly and deliberately add Xmas cheer until the final stages.

One week before holiday house we bought our Xmas trees, and put up the artificial one in the dining room that Leslie later added silk flowers to as an homage to the inspiration we received from Filoli’s holiday trees.

Aunt Sis gingerly unpacked the gifts and Adam priced and labeled and began staging the newly purchased merchandise in thematic rooms/groupings.

Eric strung garland along the stairway bannister as Adam added lights and Eric added finishing touches to the garland with holiday/poinsettia picks.

We then tweaked and fluffed the decor and decorated the main trees in the living room and family room.

Wednesday of that week the plants arrived as Allie drove to the coast to collect an array of topiaries, Christmas cactus, wreaths, poinsettias and amaryllis

Eric started the cranberry scone mix to bake Saturday morning and Lynette was furiously baking at Mrs. Santa Claus’ kitchen to bring tasty treats to enjoy during the festivities.

Thursday was more plant and wreath harvesting as our farm manager Carlos delivered wreaths from the farm and Leslie and Allie and Adam worked frantically to get things staged and prepped for presentation.

Friday eve was our preview sale for a few select clients to come and help start off the weekend as we again modified the vantage points of the decor to get that special look. 

Saturday:  after final primping and worried angst about making sure everything was just right, Adam and Eric and Allie and Leslie awoke bright and early to get things moving for the annual holiday sale.  It was the perfect build up to a perfectly delightful, cheer-filled day!!

Wow!! And how we couldn’t do it without the love and support of you all.

Thank you for supporting us not just on this day, but throughout the year. We wish you all a happy holiday season and we can't wait to see what 2020 has in store!

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Anna Lim Yuen
Anna Lim Yuen
14. Dez. 2019

I feel so 'tired' from just reading the preparations. Thank you for sharing the details on the process as it is very interesting and such an eye opener as what goes on behind the scenes. For all I know, I just show up each year and it all looks so perfect and GREAT. Adam and Eric (and the rest of your team) - you are truly AMAZING!!! Cliff, Booji, and I look forward to attending each year as it is such a bright spot in our Christmas celebration. Your make your home so welcoming, so fun, and at the same time, we are able to get some of our Christmas gift giving accomplished. We look forward to next ye…

Gefällt mir
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