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Season's Greetings

We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who turned out to support our recent eighth annual Holiday House event.

As always we had an amazing time and we could not do it without our incredible team.

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes of how we created this special festive fun-filled day...

It was the usual excitement that built as we prepared for our annual Holiday House. We were all aflutter at the idea of spreading Christmas cheer, but our enthusiasm was mitered by the need to be realistic given our current pandemic restraints [even Santa Claus must wear a mask after all].

But we were aglow with the spirit of the holidays, planning what we might use to bring a bit of the season to our customers near and far. The idea of a holiday boutique was impractical, but a holiday outdoors sounded like just the right amount of fun. So, Adam and Co. put on their planning hats, and began scouring the markets for holiday ideas that could last all year round.

We found the typical poinsettias, holiday greens, and trees of all forms – but it was the unusual gifts such as amaryllis, cyclamen, and of course the ivy topiary that were begging to be had! The colorful yet somber holiday blooms were ideal to fill our holiday baskets and by extension bring a unique feature of this winter season.

After we acquired a fine selection of holiday product, we decided to create our online boutique so that our customers could customize their shopping experience. This took a couple days to get everything up and running. Meanwhile, Adam started creating an “outdoor” boutique in our garage space to help enhance the shopping experience once customers came to retrieve their online purchases.

Allie was busy planting all the topiaries, lemon cypress, and cyclamen in cool wooden boxes and adding finishing touches with moss and such. Mary [our newest team member] was helping make holiday centerpieces, “zhooshing” up wreaths along with Adam, making everything pretty and bright. Eric was immersed in the baking holiday cheer with fresh cranberry scones, and prepping coffee and mimosas for the actual day’s festivities.

Then later Adam and Eric added finishing touches to the garage once the additional merchandise was set into place to create a festive, barn-like feel to the cozy workspace which is our flower shop.

The following morning, customers started to arrive based upon their pre-determined pick-up time, but even some of our neighbors couldn’t help but get in on the action and wandered in to see what we had on offer. One by one our customers arrived to pick up their online finds, and walked away with several additional beauties for holiday gifts and home décor.

If you missed out on this years Holiday House event, we have our eGift cards for those last minute gift ideas.

Click the image below to send some Christmas cheer to a flower-loving friend or family member and order an eGift card today. You can select the amount and even personalize with your own festive message.

Happy Holidays from our place to yours. We wish you a merry and bright festive season!

Adam & Eric

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