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Bubbles And Blooms

The impetus for Bubbles and Blooms started ~ 2 years ago following our annual Holiday House.  Adam and I began to brainstorm on ways that we could provide a spring-like event that would be more intimate, more "floral" and tangible, and more real for a smaller subset of our clientele.

We wanted it to be a more "hands-on" experience to where everyone who attended could participate directly in creating a version of their own spring flair - hence, we designed a flower arranging class, along with wreath making station and we added the option of cache pots for those who lacked a "green thumb" for floral design.

The event starts to take form a month prior to the day - although realistically we started advertising for it during our Christmas boutique.

Once advertised, we had a sense of which clients would be in attendance [in terms of numbers] and we could also start the buying process for our spring boutique [although this in actuality is an all-year process] - our goal is to try to make it a one-of-a-kind experience, and hopefully offer items that are unique but possess that spring-like flair.

Then as the month ensues, we start setting out items that we think we will want to display and sell, along with making initial preparations for ordering supplies.  We often do not have a final head-count until the week prior, which is when the magic begins.

Adam and Allie order the flowers from the market or we have Carlos deliver what is on-hand at the Pacifica farm a few days before the event.  Allie and Leslie start prepping the flowers later in the week and getting supplies organized so that we can then distribute them to the desired stations.  The boutique starts taking form with the arranging of gifts and other items to sell throughout the lower portion of our home.  That includes tastefully displaying items to create themes to give clients the opportunity to see how their purchases might create a spring-time milieu that will brighten their home.

Adam and myself along with Allie and Leslie will put the final touches together - finishing the decorations, and prepping all of the flowers/buckets for presentation on Thursday or Friday before the event.  The morning of the event we usually put any additional touches, including freshly baked goods out and get ready to welcome guests. 

The master-class will occur later in the afternoon and thus all of the flowers that we've set into place will be later brought out and arranged at their respective stations while we await the arrival of the attendees.

As you can see it's a real team effort. Each and every one of us puts our heart and soul in to making this event come to life for our guests. Our aim is to create a memorable day filled with fun, fresh cuts and flowing bubbles for our loyal customers, flower-loving friends and Henry's Place family.

The countdown is on! Will we be seeing YOU there?...

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