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Gift Ideas For Your Green-Thumbed Friends

Gift Guide For Plant Lovers:

Simple and modern gift ideas for plant lovers and DIY nature inspired gift wrapping ideas for the festive season.

Plant Mister
Plant Mister | Photo Source via Etsy

1. Copper Plant Mister: stylish and practical... What more could you ask for? Keep your indoor succulents and house plants hydrated with this contemporary metal mist sprayer. Available in 3 different finishes; brass, copper or nickel and comes gift boxed.

Herb Drying Rack
Herb Drying Rack | Photo Source via Williams Sonoma

2. Herb Drying Rack: For centuries, cooks have harvested fresh herbs from kitchen gardens and hung them to dry, preserving them to season dishes all year long. This circular hanging rack continues the tradition, providing ample space to dry a garden’s bounty of fresh herbs.

Plant Lady Candle
Plant Lady Candle | Photo Source via Ginger June Candle Co.

3. Plant Lady Candle: So maybe you love plants... But your thumb isn't so green... This smooth, clean burning wax candle, made from American grown soybeans, is hand poured using only vegan and cruelty free sustainable ingredients and is available in a wide variety of scents... Wildflower, Gardenia + Honeysuckle, Olive Leaf, Cactus Flower.... With these fragrances wafting through you home it will smell like you're green-thumbed after all!

Bouquet Making Masterclass
Bouquet Making Masterclass | Photo Source via Henry's Place

4. Bouquet Making Masterclass: Gift your green-thumbed friend (or yourself) a ticket to a Bouquet Making Masterclass. Enjoy a glass of bubbles whilst learning a new skill! Our floral arranging masterclasses are always so much fun, our friendly team of experts will teach you all the tricks of the trade on how to create that perfect bouquet.

Planter Phone Dock
Planter Phone Dock | Photo Source via STAK Ceramics

5. Planter Phone Dock: Brighten up your home or workspace with this ceramic gloss speckled planter. Perfect for succulents and other small plants. This is a great gift idea for the modern plant lover.

Don't Forget To Water The Plants
Painted Plant Guide | Photo Source via Uncommon Gifts

6. Painted Plant Guide Wall Art: This handy plant guide is full of charming hints and tips to help make your plants thrive. This print makes the perfect gift for gardeners and green thumbs in training.

Urban Jungle Book
Urban Jungle | Photo Source Urban Jungle Bloggers

7. Urban Jungle Book: Living and styling with plants. If you want to incorporate more greenery in to your home, this book is an absolute must-read! Packed full of tips, plant styling ideas and design inspiration, this book might just be a gift that you want to keep for yourself.


DIY Rustic Gift Wrap Ideas
Gift Wrapping With Greenery

Now you've got the gifts ticked off your list it's time to get wrapping. We've hand-picked a few of our favourite nature inspired DIY ideas to give your gifts a natural look this festive season. These gift wrapping ideas are so simple and easy to create and really nail the rustic look.

Brown paper packages tied up with string... These are a few of our favorite things....

What you will need:

Brown Kraft Paper

White Kraft Paper

Kraft Swing Gift Tags


Evergreen (or other greenery)

Pine Cones

Jinge Bells


Sticky Tape


Get the look:

This is super simple yet so effective and will give your gifts a real personal and thoughtful touch. Wrap gift with kraft paper. Secure with sticky tape. Wrap twine around the wrapped gift and either tie twine in a bow or wrap around gift multiple times and then secure in a knot. For the swing tags, stamp with festive themed hand-stamp of your choice on one side. Then attach gift tag, jingle bell and/or pine cone to twine and slip a sprig of evergreen (or other greenery) underneath the twine to hold it in place.

That's it... Your gift is wrapped and ready to go!

We'd love to see if you have a go at recreating these looks or something similar this holiday season so make sure to send us some snapshots and tag us in your pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

For more tips, tricks, tutorials and advice on all things floral make sure you subscribe to our mailing list.

Thanks for reading, we hope you found this blog useful and will share it with your friends.

Until next time...

Happy Holidays from our place to yours.

Adam & Eric




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Cosmea Gardens
Cosmea Gardens
Nov 20, 2020

Such a Great Gift Ideas!! Every Plant lover will love these ideas. Different Unique Plants as a gift is maybe best for Green lovers. I like that greenery wrapping Idea, Eco-Friendly Idea.


Linda vlasic
Linda vlasic
Dec 11, 2018

Tom and I love being together with you in your fabulous home. What a gift of beauty and love you give to others. Already looking forward to our next time together. Hugs to you both! Love Linda Vlasic


Wow! Love the creative gift ideas (bouquet making class for mother-daughter hmm...) & gift wrapping with greenery & twine. Absolutely love the photo of Adam & Eric--pure joy, friendship & love all wrapped together in a perfect package!


Kathleen Ellis
Kathleen Ellis
Dec 11, 2018

Loved loved loved your gift and wrapping ideas and looking forward to cocktails and family recipies! Excited to pass on your blog to family and friends -

Happiest of Holidays!

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