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Gift Ideas For Your Green-Thumbed Friends

Gift Guide For Plant Lovers:

Simple and modern gift ideas for plant lovers and DIY nature inspired gift wrapping ideas for the festive season.

Plant Mister
Plant Mister | Photo Source via Etsy

1. Copper Plant Mister: stylish and practical... What more could you ask for? Keep your indoor succulents and house plants hydrated with this contemporary metal mist sprayer. Available in 3 different finishes; brass, copper or nickel and comes gift boxed.

Herb Drying Rack
Herb Drying Rack | Photo Source via Williams Sonoma

2. Herb Drying Rack: For centuries, cooks have harvested fresh herbs from kitchen gardens and hung them to dry, preserving them to season dishes all year long. This circular hanging rack continues the tradition, providing ample space to dry a garden’s bounty of fresh herbs.

Plant Lady Candle
Plant Lady Candle | Photo Source via Ginger June Candle Co.

3. Plant Lady Candle: So maybe you love plants... But your thumb isn't so green... This smooth, clean burning wax candle, made from American grown soybeans, is hand poured using only vegan and cruelty free sustainable ingredients and is available in a wide variety of scents... Wildflower, Gardenia + Honeysuckle, Olive Leaf, Cactus Flower.... With these fragrances wafting through you home it will smell like you're green-thumbed after all!

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